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It's time!

I just spent a lovely spring day on Queen Street West here in Toronto and everyone was out enjoying the sunshine and 18°C temperatures. The forecast is for highs in the teens all week, including 20°C on Wednesday. And even up in Algonquin the forecast is for low teens, and only one night below zero.

I have always said that it is the weather in March that has more to do with ice-out than anything else, and so far it's looking pretty warm. We were up on Canoe Lake three weeks ago and there was about 10" of ice off our dock, which is less than average, and it seemed a little less dense than I'm used to seeing.

It's still too soon to make a call, but it certainly is looking like we may get an earlier-than-average ice-out this year.

More coming soon (including votes page and updated records), in the mean time, feel free to send in your date selections, and any stories or photos you think we might enjoy.

– Jeff


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