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Spring 2005 Edition

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THE ICE IS OUT!   [Saturday, April 30th at 7:45 PM]

We have just returned from Canoe Lake where the ice officially went out on Thursday afternoon. There is still a little bit left which is clogging the Portage Store bay and making it difficult to get out to the main body of the lake in a boat or canoe, but Canoe and Smoke Lakes are 90% open.

I'll be posting a full report and pictures as soon as possible, so stay tuned. For now, congratulations go to my father, John Ridpath, who was the first to take April 28th, but also to Ray VanKleef, Mark Rubino, Dave Nodwell, Roy Stewart, and Walter Korynkiewicz.

Update from Canoe Lake   [Thursday, April 28th at 7:15 AM]

The ice continues to hang on up at Canoe Lake. Jan Richmond wrote at 6:30 this morning: "Good Morning. The good news is that the wind yesterday did break up the ice. Bad news is that it is still clogging the lakes. Both [Canoe and Smoke] are "not" passable at this time. It's currently raining again and no breeze. So please continue to send all your hot air this way!

An ice-out comic from Debbie   [Monday, April 25th at 9:30 PM]

Debbie did a great ice-out comic strip that was almost included with the article in the Star on Saturday.
I thought people here might enjoy it..."

Debbie's Ice-out Comic
Debbie's Ice-out comic (You can see more of Debbie's "My Life In A Nutshell" here.)

Update from Canoe Lake   [Monday, April 25th at 7:00 AM]

The ice is still hanging on up at Canoe Lake. Jan Richmond wrote this morning: "It is still here. I think its going to melt in place unless we can get some wind, but it could go at any time if we do. If we don't, I still think it will be gone this weekend."

Ice-out makes the big time! Today's Toronto Star, Page A-8   [Saturday, April 23rd at 9:30 AM]

Toronto Star
Toronto Star - Saturday, April 23rd, page A-8
(Click on the image for a large version which you can read.)

I'll let the article speak for itself. Many thanks to Toronto Star Feature Writer Scott Simmie
(who had Thursday for ice-out this year :-) for the wonderful piece.

[When I get a chance I'll scan the article and post a readable version here for those who
don't have access to today's paper.]

Update from Canoe Lake   [Wednesday, April 20th at 4:30 PM]

I just got off the phone with Al Clare up at the Portage Store on Canoe Lake and he reports that with the warm weather, wind and rain over the past few days things appear to be getting going. The lake is still basically iced-in, but it's getting wet, starting to pull back from the shore and appears to be opening up at the mouth of the river down to Bonita Lake. Al thinks the ice will go out this weekend.

I'll give him a call in another 24 hours or so and post another update.

Dates locked!   [Sunday, April 17th at 10:30 PM]

Date selections will be locked as of midnight tonight after which no new dates, or changes, will be allowed.

I think Jan Richmond and Al Clare will be arriving at the permit office on Canoe Lake some time tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be able to get some on-site updates from them over the next couple of weeks. With the warm weather and sun this past week things should be starting to loosen up a little.

Update from Canoe Lake   [Monday, April 11th at 10:00 AM]

Here's an update from Charles Plant who spent this past weekend up at Canoe Lake: "I thought you may want an update. We spent the weekend up on Canoe Lake. You would barely know its spring. There is still at least a foot of snow in the bush and even in open areas. The ice is at least two feet thick and great for walking on. The birds have just barely begun to arrive. I'm suspecting Kaarel may just be right."

Annual ice-out poem from Murray Wolff   [Thursday, April 7th at 10:30 AM]

Posted the same day as last year, here's this year's poem from our friend Murray...

Here we are, 2005,
The interior campers
Are very much alive.

We're waiting for thaw,
As we do every year,
But the ice may not clear.

The winter was cold,
The ice became thick,
Mother nature pulled this little trick.

We need wind and rain
And a lot of warm temps,
If want to make our trips.

With three weeks to go
For the average date
It will be a hard decision to make.

Mine for this spring,
It will be April 26th,
This is the date that I predict.

So I say to you this year,
When the ice goes out,
Let's haul out the gear.

Get the canoes ready,
And the bodies in shape,
For the trips we all will make.

Through the Park,
With the wind at our backs.
And the essentials in our packs.

Enjoy the season,
As I have done,
It has always been a lot fun.

- Murray Wolff

First round of dates posted   [Sunday, April 3rd at 11:30 PM]

I've received close to 50 dates by email, and two by phone, since sending out the notification message. So far they range from April 16th (Ric & Libby von Neumann of Bonita/Tea Lake) to May 9th (my brother-in-law, Kaarel Truuvert in Toronto). Good luck to everyone.

This weekend's weather certainly didn't move things along at all--with temperatures hovering around 0°C and a lot of cold rain and wet snow in Toronto. By this time last year we had already had four days with highs above 15°C, and in 2001 it was 25°C on April 8th!

And we're off!   [Wednesday, March 30th at 10:30 PM]

The email has been sent and I'm accepting dates.

Debbie and I and my parents spent a lovely weekend on Canoe Lake a week ago and I have to report that there was a *lot* of ice--pretty close to two feet thick! And quite solid. I don't know how this will affect the ice out date, but it's enough to push me at least a few days later than last year in my prediction.

The weather is warming a little in Toronto and it looks like Spring is underway, finally. Stay tuned to this page for updates over the next 3-4 weeks.

Scotch on Ice
Scotch on Ice!

This year's ice-out page coming soon...   [Sunday, March 27th at 10:45 AM]

I'll have the 2005 Canoe Lake Ice-Out page up in the next few days.

 Current Weather for the Canoe Lake Area

Click the links below to see current five-day forecasts for Algonquin Park and Huntsville
from Environment Canada, and some long term predictions:

 Predictions for Spring 2005

Multiple people on the same date are listed in the order in which their choices were received
at the worldwide headquarters of the Outhouse Daily News.

(The previous year's ice-out date is marked with "<<" and the current date is highlighted.)

Apr 10 (Sun) Rick Mckay
Apr 11 (Mon)  
Apr 12 (Tue) Jeffrey Mckay
Apr 13 (Wed)  
Apr 14 (Thu)  
Apr 15 (Fri)  
Apr 16 (Sat) Ric & Libby von Neumann
Apr 17 (Sun) Helen Waters (Edmonton) • Larkin Ridpath
Apr 18 (Mon) Glenn Strudwick (Orangeville)
Apr 19 (Tue) Craig White • The Ottawa Grays
Apr 20 (Wed) Joan Cossette • Alex Statten • Gaye Clemson • Robert Waywell
Apr 21 (Thu) Scott Simmie • Larkyn Statten • Jim Ballos
Apr 22 (Fri) << Debbie Ridpath Ohi • Chuck and Dot Gray • Anne Fortin (Brackley)
Apr 23 (Sat) Brian Parkinson • Sue Calverley • Jan Richmond & Al Clare • Karin McCaskill
Apr 24 (Sun) Ralph Brunskill • Hugh Statten • Andrew Gullen • Adele MacLean
Apr 25 (Mon) David Sullivan • Jeff Wayland • Esther Bronson • Chris Brackley • Ken Born
Apr 26 (Tue) Jefferson Ridpath • Peter Matthews • Murray Wolff • Tom McFeat
Derek Specht • Duane McPhail
Apr 27 (Wed) Karen Yule & Dan Mose (Vancouver) • Luisa Perrella • Charles Plant
Catherine & Jim Brackley • Holly (Gibson) Stewart • Randy Born
Apr 28 (Thu) John Ridpath • Ray VanKleef • Mark Rubino • Dave Nodwell • Roy Stewart
Walter Korynkiewicz
Apr 29 (Fri) Don Lloyd • Brittany Venables • Derrick Cann • Simon Nelson • David DeMara
Larry Harbidge (Vancouver Island) • John Arbour
Apr 30 (Sat) Sandra Matthews • Mark Steele • Steve Watkins • Russ Matthews • Nick Boland
Glen Petersen
May 1 (Sun) Bryan Fullerton • Virginia Ridpath • Willi Powell • Jill Matthews
May 2 (Mon) Harry Binswanger • Dean Purcell • David Judson
May 3 (Tue) Steve Bunn • Daniel Ouellette
May 4 (Wed) Andrew Livingstone
May 5 (Thu) Sarah Matthews • Catherine & Neil St.Germaine
May 6 (Fri) Doug Gardner
May 7 (Sat) Jed Datema
May 8 (Sun)  
May 9 (Mon) Kaarel Truuvert

Here's the current distribution of votes for each date...

Graph of Votes

 Past Ice-Out Dates

1953! April 14th Graph
1989 May 4th
1990 Apr 29th
1991 Apr 28th
1992 May 8th
1993 Apr 26th
1994 Apr 27th
1995 Apr 15th
1996 May 8th
1997 May 8th
1998 Apr 17th
1999 Apr 20th
2000 Apr 26th
2001 Apr 23rd
2002 Apr 19th
2003 Apr 23rd
2004 Apr 22nd
Earliest recorded ice-out date: April 14th in 1953.
Latest recorded ice-out date: May 8th in 1992, 1996, and 1997.

 The Rules

  1. All entries must be received by midnight, Sunday, April 17th, 2005.
    Entries may be submitted by email to Jeff (jwr) at electricpenguin (dot com).
  2. If you know of someone who should be included in this poll but does not have email access,
    feel free to send in their prediction for them.
  3. Entry must include your name and date of your prediction.
  4. You *can* duplicate another person's prediction (see below for a list of predictions so far)
    if you really want to be a joiner, but the first one to pick a date gets all the gloating rights.
  5. You *can* change your prediction up to the deadline.
  6. Ice-out is defined as follows: "At least 50% of the lake is clear of ice, by a majority vote
    of those present."
  7. Winner is the person whose prediction is the closest.
  8. Prize: being able to lord your superior knowledge of the lake over others for
    the rest of the year.

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