Predictions for 2009

Last updated Monday 27 April 2009 at 10:00 AM

2009 ice-out Friday, April 24th!

Multiple people on the same date are listed in the order in which their choices were received here at the worldwide headquarters of Canoe Lake Ice-out.

The previous year's ice-out date is marked with a ♦.

Current prediction count: 147

Apr 10 (Fri) Rick McKay, Chantal Dupuis
Apr 11 (Sat) -
Apr 12 (Sun) Rob Waywell
Apr 13 (Mon) Gregory McKay
Apr 14 (Tue) Jim Bartlett
Apr 15 (Wed) Clark Matthews, John Chesney, Brent Statten
Apr 16 (Thu) Paul Rochetta, Richard Morochove, Cory Chapman, Derrick Cann, Lynda & Jerry Wilson
Apr 17 (Fri) Jeffrey McKay, Duane McPhail, Lisa Lebeer, Sean Murray, Harry Teitelbaum, Philip Ferguson, Rick Guthrie, Walter Korynkiewicz, Josée Lacelle
Apr 18 (Sat) Gwen Lloyd, Esther Bronson, Willi Powell, Dave Nodwell, Dean Purcell
Apr 19 (Sun) David Cairncross, Robert Pratten, Steve Bunn, Bruce Nesbitt
Apr 20 (Mon) Don Lloyd, Joel Arthurs, Glenn Strudwick, Serge Beaudoin, Adele Gant, Karen Hetherington, Jan Richmond
Apr 21 (Tue) Helen Waters, Kathryn Holder, Rick Smith, Luc Cleroux, David DeMara, Sean Rowley, Larkin Ridpath, Larkyn Statten, Jim McFarland, Mark Oatway, Chris Cathcart
Apr 22 (Wed) Scott Murray, Steve Dunsford (The Mad Musher), Catherine Brackley & Co., Jeff Blake, Taylor Clemson
Apr 23 (Thu) Virginia Ridpath, Jill Matthews, Sandra Matthews, Ray VanKleef, Jeffrey McMurtrie, Bill & Carol Robinson, Andre Gulabsingh & Dina Petruccelli, Mark Steele, Henry Brown, Andrew McGuey, Jim Hayhurst, Steve Hetherington
Apr 24 (Fri) Russ Matthews, Randy Born, Karin McCaskill, Holly Stewart, Christopher White, Sue Kingsley, Mark Rubino, Brian MacTavish, J. Proppe, Steve Soloduka, Doug Pole, Andrew Hsueh
Apr 25 (Sat) ♦ Joan Cossette, Sue Calverley, Mary-Anne Dennison (nee Lewis), Bruce Sandilands, Kris Schattmann, Doug Yandala, Nancy Bartok, Jenn Day
Apr 26 (Sun) John Ridpath, Nick Boland, Hugh Statten, Dan Gibson, James Miglin, Karen Yule, Kevin Worsley, Jeff Wayland, Nancy Solway
Apr 27 (Mon) Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Arline Mann, Alison George, Sarah Matthews, John Manson, John Toivanen, Doug Payne, Simon Nelson, Martin Rus, Craig White, Swebbs, Peter Matthews, Randy Mitson, Marshall Leslie, Judy Riepma (nee Clappison)
Apr 28 (Tue) Jefferson Ridpath, Case Ridpath, Mary Dwan King, Sarah Temelini, J. Peplinski, Mark Weist, Gaye Clemson, Bill Vlaad
Apr 29 (Wed) Harry Binswanger, Brittany Venables, Ruth Ohi, Carl Skompinski, Tony Kennedy, Bob Clappison
Apr 30 (Thu) Kyle Schinnour, Larry Love, Matthew Hurst
May 1 (Fri) Doug Gardner, Gavin Bee, Ian Schnoor
May 2 (Sat) Kaarel Truuvert, Rob Withnell, Melissa Rogers, Clark Wierda, Curtis Macbride
May 3 (Sun) Jean Moroney, Ryan Nickels, Chris Clemson
May 4 (Mon) Stacey Rochetta
May 5 (Tue) Eric Stodt
May 6 (Wed) The Campbell's at Wabeek Pointe
May 7 (Thu) -
May 8 (Fri) -

Here's the current distribution of votes for each date...

Graph of Votes


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