The 2011 ice-watch begins!

Is it March already?!? It must be, because I'm getting emails asking when the Official Canoe Lake Ice-out Poll begins :-)

Well, it begins now!

After last year -- the winter that wasn't, and an ice-out date to shatter all records -- we seem to be back to normal. It feels like I've been shoveling and scraping every morning since well before Xmas, and we're a week into March without much relief. We were up on Canoe Lake two weeks ago, just after the big February Thaw that we seem to get every year, and although there wasn't as much snow as usual, the ice looked clear and solid.

As always you can follow the action with updates, photos, rules, weather forecasts and archives of past years right here at the official Canoe Lake Ice-out website.

So, get your date before someone else does! You can submit it by e-mail to:, and if you haven't already, be sure to sign up for the mailing list so you will be notified of important ice-out events, like, well, when the ice goes out ;-)


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