I have seen the ice...

We were up on Canoe Lake for a couple of days last weekend. It was absolutely beautiful, sunny, and warm! But there was a lot more snow and ice than I expected, especially after the non-winter we had here in Toronto this year.

We cut a hole in the ice (see below) and it looks to me like there is about 20" total. There is a 2" layer on top with about 1" of water underneath, and then about 17" of solid, clear ice. In my experience these are pretty much average conditions.

I have already received a pile of dates and should get around to posting them this week. In the mean time, here are some photos from our weekend...

Heading for the cottage under a big blue sky on Canoe Lake - March 6th, 2010.  Photo by Jefferson Ridpath

We ran into some other Canoe Lakers in the parking lot and headed out together - March 6th, 2010.  Photo by Jefferson Ridpath

The star of the show! - March 6th, 2010.  Photo by Jefferson Ridpath


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