The home stretch?

It's looking like we may be entering the home stretch this week. The rain that's forecast for today through Wednesday will be a big help, and it looks like it will be followed by at least a couple of warm, sunny days on Friday and Saturday.

Unfortunately, I don't think the ice will be out in time for those hoping to head out on a canoe trip or go fishing on Friday, or even Saturday. I could be wrong, but my feeling right now is that the ice will go out early next week. I think there will be a fair bit of open water along the shoreline by Saturday afternoon, but the main body of the lake is still pretty solid and it's going to take time (and some wind) to loosen it up.

I do think it is safe to assume that the ice will be out by next weekend (May 1st) -- or at least open enough to get around.

So, will it be a repeat of last year, and right on the median date -- Saturday, April 25th? Or will it be a few days later and go to one of my immediate family? (My father has Sunday, my wife has Monday, I have Tuesday, and our very good family friend and Canoe Laker Harry Binswanger has Wednesday.)

Stay tuned!


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