April (snow!) showers...

Well, it looks like a warmer March is giving way to a colder April and we've got one more blast of winter on the way. The forecast for early next week shows as much as 15 cm of snow for Algonquin, with temperatures for the week hovering around zero. Not exactly ice-melting weather I'm afraid.

Last year around the middle of April the temperature climbed up to the low 20's and stayed there for over a week--I think that's what finished off the ice. So watch the weather closely next weekend and beyond and hope for a warm spell.

We're up to 137 votes so far. Not quite last year's 155, but getting there. Here are a few interesting things about this years voting:

  • 50% of people think the ice will be out by April 23rd.
  • 50% of people think the ice will go out during the 7 days
    following Tuesday, April 21st.
  • I received 5 emails in a row last week voting for April 16th.
  • Almost all of the 27 people who have picked April 24th, 25th or 26th
    are locals. Do they know something you don't? Or are they just playing it safe and picking last year's date?


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